March 2011

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Take the Fire-Dex Challenge at FDIC to WIN!

Get your game face on at Booth 311 and take the Fire-Dex Challenge!  2X a day we will select winners of turnout gear, boots or CA$H!

The Story of Edward Pulaski and the Pulaski Tool

In August, 1910, a fire called The Big Blowup blazed through parts of Montana and Idaho, burning approximately 3 million acres of land. Edward Pulaski, a U.S. Forest Service (USFS) park ranger, was asked to take a firefighting crew out to help control the fire. Pulaski and 45 firefighters ventured out, but suddenly found themselves trapped in a firestorm.

Luckily, Pulaski knew about a nearby mineshaft where his crew could attempt to take refuge from the smoke and flames. According to the story, Pulaski’s crew was so terrified of the wall of fire that was quickly closing in on them that Pulaski had to hold them at gunpoint to keep them from fleeing. He fought the fire at the mine entrance, but ended up passing out from smoke inhalation. Of the 45 members of Pulaski’s crew, an astonishing 39 of them survived the ordeal—including Pulaski. He continued to work for the USFS after The Big Blowup.

Pulaski is still known today for his contributions to firefighting. He created an important tool called the Pulaski tool, which modern-day firefighters continue to use. This tool has both an axe and a hoe-like feature on it to help with the construction of fire lines.


FDIC is coming…

For 84 years, FDIC has maintained a steadfast commitment to one simple mission…to Train the Fire Service. With hundreds of classroom sessions, intense Hands-On-Training (H.O.T.) evolutions and workshops, and the fire service’s largest exhibition showcasing more than 1,000 companies, no other event in the world provides more serious training for the serious firefighter.

The 2011 event is not to be missed! With construction complete on the new Indiana Convention Center, FDIC 2011 will be like never before. With more training, more exhibits, and more events, FDIC 2011 will be the largest ever held.

We’re fired up and ready to go. Be sure to visit us at Booth 311 to see all the latest Fire-Dex turnout gear, our new athletic, leather fire boots, hoods, gloves and more.

Also, challenge your firefighting buddies to the Fire-Dex challenge to win. TWICE daily we will be giving away turnout gear, fire boots and thousands in ca$h! Not to mention, you will be able to say “I smoked ya” to your “loser” friends for the next year. That alone is priceless!

So, come out and be a part of the fire service’s #1 event…providing the training you need, for when you need it.