July 2011

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Are We Missing the Target? by Dave LeBlanc

Earlier this year, we introduced firefighter and fire blogger, Dave LaBlanc. This excerpt is from his most recent post on whether or not  fire service has shifted too far from basics to last chance training. Dave appreciates opinions and discussions, so please click through to his blog and share your thoughts.

For those of you that follow the news and happenings of the fire service, you may have noticed an increase in the number of bailouts reported. Now certainly some of this is a result of the media figuring out that a firefighter bailing out isn’t a normal occurrence, so as one outlet begins reporting it, others follow suit. But it begs the question, why? Why are so many of our brothers bailing out? Have that many incidents occurred where things have gone that wrong?

This year’s Safety Stand Down had the following theme: Surviving the Fire Ground: Fire Fighter, Fire Officer & Command Preparedness. Now that is a great topic, and certainly one that should be a part of every firefighter and every officer’s training. Knowing what to do when you get in trouble certainly goes a long way toward saving firefighter lives. But what about preventing our members from getting in trouble in the first place? Is that something that we focus enough on?

How many hours did you spend on fire behavior this year? Two, five, ten? How many more did you spend on building construction? Until we understand our enemy, the fire and the building we operate in, how can we expect not to get in trouble? Until we understand what the environment we work in feels like through our PPE, how we can expect our firefighters not to go in too far. Until we address the need for an awareness of the hazards of the situations we operate in, how can we expect our firefighters and officers to make good decisions?

John Norman writes that a firefighter should never put themselves in a position where they have to rely on someone else to get out. Think about that one simple statement. It covers a lot of territory. As firefighters we must constantly evaluate where we are operating, what the conditions are, and what our way out is. We need to do this while trying to accomplish our goals for that particular fire.

Read this entire blog post and share your thoughts here: http://backstepfirefighter.com/2011/07/18/are-we-missing-the-target/

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Fire-Dex Goes Hollywood, with a little help from New Orleans

Fire-Dex pulled out all the stops this past week!  Our team, with help from our distributor Ferrara Fire, managed to custom fit from HEAD to TOE several big-name Hollywood actors on the set of the  upcoming movie  Fire With Fire.

Fire With Fire is filming in the New Orleans area, and is about a fireman’s decision to take an unexpected course of action when he’s threatened by a man who he’s been ordered to testify against.  This thriller is starring Bruce Willis, Josh Duhamel, and Rosario Dawson.

Fire-Dex gear was provided to the following actors:  Josh Duhamel  who is the main character, James Lesure and Eric Winters will all being wearing Fire-Dex gear in the movie.  Check out our on-set pictures!

Stay tuned for more news around this film, along with more on this story as Fire-Dex goes Hollywood!

More movie information can be found here:  http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1925431/.

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Kickin’ Back with Stacy Reynolds

We continue our Kickin’ Back Employee Series, with Stacey Reynolds.

Stacy Reynolds is the self-proclaimed Queen of Fire-Dex. That’s because, over her 13 years with the company, she has grown in her knowledge of the Fire-Dex products.

Stacy began at Fire-Dex as a sewer and through training over the years and “a tremendous amount of support,” she is now a Design Technician.

“I get to work on creating new products or options from start to finish through the NPOR process,” said Stacy. “I never get bored! My favorite part of my job is working on the new designs and improvements to our gear.”

How Fire-Dex Is Better Than Its Competitors

“Aside from the simple fact that it’s better because I work here, it’s the best because we listen to our customers and we give them what they ask for. I know this because that is my job!”

Advice To Fire-Dex Clients

“Don’t be afraid to ask. If we don’t offer a pocket or option, ask us.”

Four Things You Didn’t Know About Stacy

  • “I love fishing! I even bait my own hook and take the fish off, unless it’s a catfish or has teeth.”
  • “I used to want to be a model but I have given that dream up to be a fashion designer.”
  • “I didn’t know how to sew before I started working at Fire-Dex.”
  • She’s a scrapbooker. “I love taking pictures and putting them in an album with lots of details and creativity.”

Coke or Pepsi?

Diet Coke