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Fire-Dex and Donley Safety Outfit Volunteer Fire Department


Adams Township Volunteer Fire Department, located in Decatur County, Indiana, always relied on donations and second-hand uniforms from other departments for their Turn Out Gear. Due to a limited budget, they have never been able to purchase new gear for their team.

Thanks to the recent teamwork of Fire-Dex and Donley Safety, the entire department now has new coats, pants, boots, gloves, hoods and helmets and was able to stay within their budget.

Here is a picture of the Adams Township VFD in their new Fire-Dex Assault Turn Out Gear. How do they look?

Fire-Dex In Bolivia














Bolivia, a small country in South America, is mostly known for it’s rich natural resources and unique “Law of the Rights of Mother Earth”. The country can now be recognized as one that provides quality turnout gear to their firefighters.

The province of Santa Cruz, Bolivia recently made a large purchase of fire suits and helmets from Fire-DexA press conference was held to present the equipment. Calling the fire suits “state of the art with the latest technology”; the fire department proudly displayed their new Chieftain turnout gear.

We would like thank Robert Lostal of Safety Source International for facilitating this purchase.

Fire-Dex is a premiere fire protection gear company. Manufacturing firefighting equipment from fire helmet to fire boots and everything in between, Fire-Dex protects those who risk personal peril in service of others.


FDIC – Booth 1611


We are counting down the days until FDIC.  Be sure to visit us in Booth 1611 and check out our turnout gear, boots, helmets and meet the people of Fire-Dex.  As always, we are going to have GREAT giveaways.  Hope to see you there.

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