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FDIC Booth 1811 – Take the Challenge to Win


Visit us at Booth 1811 at FDIC!  Winners 2X a day – $2000 CA$H, our NEW FX-R turnout gear and our NEW FDX G1 structural gloves.  See you there!

The Glove Winner Is…

Congratulations to Gabe Heatherly!  Gabe wins a pair of our recently released FDX G1 Structural Gloves.

Here are our favorites from the caption contest:

Facebook Favorites

Ryan K: Kid in the blue says, “Awww man, you mean you only had 1 spot on the engine open?” (Kid in red says,  “Yep, I’m filling a big pair of boots for 24 hours.”)
Ken S: ”Hey Ryan, what do you say we ditch these Baseball gloves and put on a pair of those FDX-G1’s your dad got.” ”Great idea Mac, I hear the Full Grain Pigskin that wraps around the palm offers extra protection, with improved mobility.” ”Uh, Ryan, I just think they look cool.”
Zach L:
Baseball hat: $10
Baseball glove: $40
Baseball cleats: $50
The beginning of a firefighter brotherhood: PRICELESS!!
Mark R: Don’t be in right field with the wrong glove!
Tommy G: After we win the mega millions, we are gonna own this truck!
Robert N: See… a baseball out of a deck gun is a homerun every time!!!
Paul M: ‎”These baseball gloves are uncomfortable. I wish they were more like Dad’s new Fire-Dex gloves.”
Andy H: “I think this is fire truck is way cooler than baseball.” “Nu uh.” “Is too, just look at these boots. I like them better than your baseball shoes.”
Blog Favorites
Gabe Heatherly: Chief, we have no idea how that baseball went through the fire house window. We were playing football.
Tim Walker: I’m Safe!!!! From anything hurting my feet!!
Congratulations again, Gabe!  Please email your contact information to firedexmarketing@gmail.com.  Stay safe, everyone!

Introducing our NEW FX-R gear

Fire-Dex has redesigned their FX gear to be unlike anything else on the market. The new FX-R coat has less fabric, weighs less, and allows for a better range of motion.

The new, patent-pending OmniDex Cut has moved the shoulder seams inward to allow the wearer to move with less restriction. The OmniDex Cut has also changed the placement of the sleeve attachment which has eliminated the need for a back pleat, greatly reducing the amount of fabric and weight of the coat. This unique design allows the wearer to move more freely while wearing an SCBA and greatly reduces coat-rise. The elimination of the back pleat has also reduced the number of seams, which helps eliminate irritation under an SCBA and reduces the number of wear-points.

The FX-R design still includes a seamless collar but now includes a pleat in the shell fabric for a more secure fit while still allowing for an uncompromised, seamless moisture barrier. The FX-R collar is NFPA compliant without a throat strap, allowing for better interface with the SCBA face mask.

FX-R gear still includes some tried-and-true design features such as the DexFlex Elbow, DexFlex Knee, and the seamless crotch gusset and is fully customizable with a wide variety of fabrics, pockets, and other features and options.

It really is unlike anything else on the market – visit our Fire-Dex website for more details on the NEW Fire-Dex FX-R gear.