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The Origins of the Fire Helmet

ondeckThe firefighter helmet is one of the most iconic symbols of the emergency service profession.

Believe it or not, the fire helmet was first introduced in 1739 as a leather hat. Jacob Turk, a gunsmith who would later become the head of the New York Fire Department, was the man to champion the invention.

Almost 100 years later, luggage maker Henry Gratacap would retool the design into something similar to the helmets we have today. The iconic design, inspired by jockeys who wore their hats backwards, featured a special durable type of leather, and a design that would protect firefighters from debris. The hat’s hard crown could even be used as a tool for breaking windows!

The traditional fire helmet is certainly one of the most significant tools of the trade. To learn more about the transformation of the fire helmet, see our blog post The Evolution of the Fire Helmet.

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Introducing New Fire-Dex Gear…FXM


Fire-Dex introduces our newest in turnout gear, FXM. FXM combines traditional, proven performance characteristics with the latest in comfort features in a new, modern style platform.

FXM features a modern tapered hem coat that is longer in the back and shorter in front giving you maximum coverage where you need it, and just as importantly, less where you don’t. In addition, FXM incorporates the DexFlex™ knees and elbows that are pre-bent for more flexibility and freedom of movement. A seamless crotch gusset provides less restriction and more durability.

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Congratulations to our 12 Days of Fire-Dex Grand Prize Winner!

FD_Prize_Day12_headtotoeCongratulations to Aaron Krontz!

He is the winner of a complete set of head to toe Fire-Dex Gear all packaged in a Fire-Dex Personalized Gear Bag.  The bag contents will be one set of FX-R gear (egress system only if the department mandates),  one white H81 100% Nomex Hood, one pair of FDX G1 Structural Gloves, one pair of FDXL – 100 Red Leather Fire Boots, and a Fire-Dex Helmet.

Thank you to everyone that participated in our third annual 12 Days of Fire-Dex.  We greatly enjoy connecting with each of you and celebrating those in fire service.  Have a wonderful holiday season!

Aaron, check your email as we will send you more details.  Thank you and congratulations again!

These giveaways have been sponsored by DuPont. DuPont Nomex® and Kevlar® brand fibers provide superior strength, durability and thermal protection that stands up to the heat.