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Kickin’ Back with Larry Haught, our Summer Boot Campaign Employee Highlight

It’s the summer of the boot for Fire-Dex so we wanted you to get to know the guy who is responsible for getting those boots shipped to you – Larry Haught. Larry, just named team leader for boot fulfillment, is responsible for filling boot orders, shipping, receiving and maintaining warehouse efficiency since he joined the Fire-Dex team in September 2010.  Larry’s positive smile and “can-do” attitude is what makes Fire-dex one of the most efficient shipment operations in the country.

What Larry Likes About Working at Fire-Dex

Larry will soon be handling helmets, hoods and gloves as well as overseeing fellow employees. Those employees and their dedication to quality are the reason Larry enjoys coming to work at Fire-Dex each day.

“Fire-Dex employee’s care about the quality of the product and take pride in customer satisfaction,” said Larry. “We work hard to expedite the process of getting our product to the customer, and we strive to help them find what best meets their needs.”

Larry’s Advice to Clients

“My advice to the distributors is to maintain a supply of new and in-demand products for purchasers and to try and to keep the lines of communication open so Fire-Dex can meet your needs in a timely and efficient manner,” he said.  We are a custom outfitter, and work hard to meet each and every individual need of our customers and distributors.

7 Things You Don’t Know About Larry

  1. He sang in a gospel quartet in high school and still loves to sing.
  2. He enjoys fishing.
  3. Larry has a green thumb.
  4. Salty Junk Food or Sugary Snacks? Chips! “That’s the one junk food I can’t live without.”
  5. Coke or Pepsi? “That is a great question. Coke over Pepsi, but Diet Pepsi over Diet Coke.”
  6. “I like to impersonate Arnold Schwarzenegger.” We assume he means Ah-nold’s accent!
  7. And, yes, he has been a Fire-Dex gear model for a local ad.  (photo above)


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