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Distributor Sales Rep of the Month - Bob Barton of IPS

It has been a great year for  Bob Barton, Regional Manager at Industrial Protection Services (IPS) in Wilmington, MA. So, we thought it was appropriate to close out the year with him as our final 2017  Distributor Sales Rep of the Month!

With 17 years of fire sales industry experience, Bob won three major deals for Fire-Dex and increased our brand's reach into Southern Massachusetts, a difficult market to access. His plethora of knowledge and ability to build relationships will surely grow our business to new heights.

Bob's Regional Sales Manager, Steve Quonce speaks very highly of him, stating "Bob has a unique personality that you will not find with any other person. The man has built many friendships and has a great way of talking—he is a true salesman! I am happy to have met Bob when I came into Fire-Dex. Together with the help of Bob and Ed, we have made serious progress in the Northeast area. Bob has opened up many doors for us, and has been a great member of the team at IPS."


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