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Interview with Firefighter and Marathon Runner Edward Lyell

Edward Lyell is a 29-year veteran of Fire and Emergency Medical services who has served as a Federal Firefighter/Paramedic for the National Park Service and Department of Defense. Lyell is also a Firefighter/Paramedic with the Federal Fire Department San Diego at Fire Station 12 Naval Air Station North Island located in Coronado, California.

In addition to protecting and serving his communities, Lyell competes in Triathlons, Marathons, and Ultramarathons across the United States and around the world. Last fall, Fire-Dex provided Edward with a set of FXR Turnouts featuring our TECGEN71 exclusive Outer Shell. Since that time, he has completed a 5k, half marathon, a 3/4 marathon, two full marathons, a 50 mile race, and a 100 mile race in his new Fire-Dex gear.  Additionally, Edward has competed two successful Guinness Book of World Record attempts while donning the FXR gear made with TECGEN71. These Records are:

  • 100 mile Run in Full Firefighter Gear with SCBA
  • Fastest Half Marathon in Full Firefighter Gear with SCBA

We recently caught up with Ed to get his feedback about Fire-Dex and his FXR turnouts made with TECGEN71.

What prompted you to reach out to Fire-Dex for gear?
“The reputation of Fire-Dex was a huge factor in addition the benefits of the TECGEN71 material, which was a critical factor. My friends at Fire-Etc San Diego recommended and helped me reach out to Fire-Dex.”

What problem were you looking to solve when you reached out to Fire-Dex?
Heat stress was the number one factor with endurance activity.”

How has wearing this gear helped you achieve your goal(s)?
“As you can see from what I have been able to accomplish, the gear is the reason I can do it. I have been comfortable and have had no heat stress issues in running over 250 miles in TECGEN71.”

What have been the greatest benefits of wearing FXR turnouts featuring TECGEN71?
“The flexibility and breathability. I am able to move with athletic performance and I have not had any issues with heat stress.”

Why would you recommend this gear to others?
“This gear allows you to work harder and longer without the same stresses on the body of other gear.”

What feedback have you received from others who have watched you run in FXR turnouts featuring TECGEN71?
“They are shocked at the flexibility also how I am able to keep going when others are having heat stress issues. The cutest thing was along the Jackpot 100 Mile Course when I was treating my wife for heat exhaustion while I was wearing the full fire gear. Also, the gear is tough and holds up to the abuse of wearing it for 43 hours. Inside it creates its own microclimate.”

Interested in learning more about TECGEN71? Find a Distributor here!

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