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Purchasing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

FXRSideBack_358eFire Engineering Training Digest - PPE Training Guide
This Training Guide should be mandatory reading for every firefighter. The information is of unparalleled importance.

Purchasing Personal Protective Equipment - Article Highlight #3
Self-direction and experience are vital attributes when undertaking the arduous task of selecting the PPE for a major fire department. One must also know what products are available, be familiar with OSHA and NFPA standards. The goal is to buy the best equipment while staying within budget. These guidelines, in principle, can be adapted for smaller departments.
This article highlights "The Selection Process" from start to finish.

About the Author:
Andrew E. Pompe, CFPS, is a captain and 18 1/2-year veteran of the Philadelphia (PA) Fire Department, currently assigned as the deputy safety officer. He is a certified fire protection specialist and a member of the CFPS Board of Directors. He has a bachelor's degree in fire science administration and a master's degree in safety engineering and lectures on PPE and other safety-related topics.

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