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Fire-Dex Launches New Composite Offerings, Available with Exclusive TECGEN71 Outer Shell

Fire-Dex announced today the addition of two new composite offerings certified to use with their TECGEN71 exclusive outer shell.

Turnout gear consists of three layers of material, making up a composite system – the outer shell, thermal liner and moisture barrier. In typical outer shell materials, thermal protective performance (TPP) is sacrificed in order to achieve maximum total heat loss (THL). The TECGEN fiber in the TECGEN71 outer shell helps improve this critical balance between TPP and THL.

The TECGEN71 outer shell is now available with two new thermal liners including Glide-Ice™ 1-Layer and Prism™ 1-Layer.  The TECGEN fiber brings a higher thermal protection to the outer shell and these thermal liners bring the weight of the ensemble down significantly.

“We are very excited to say that the records we set 8 months ago with the initial TECGEN71 launch have been broken again,” said Todd Herring, Director of Marketing. “These thermal liners build on the position Fire-Dex has already established by offering the lightest, thinnest, most flexible, highest THL composites available – without sacrificing TPP.”

Fire-Dex launched their TECGEN71 exclusive outer shell in July of 2017. TECGEN71 is designed to lessen heat stress by reducing weight and increasing flexibility.

“Statistics show that heat stress is a greater health threat to firefighters than the chance of being burned,” said Herring. “We are focused like a laser on reducing heat stress and the physiological issues such as core temperature and heart rate that come with it.”

Fire-Dex will have a full sizing run at booth 1823 at FDIC in Indianapolis this April. 

Feel the difference for yourself at Booth 1823 at FDIC or learn more at

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