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Keeping the Family Safe From Fire at Home
Being aware of the potential fire hazards in your home will go a long way to helping keep you and your family safe. In America, a fire occurs at home every 86 seconds. Fire departments are taking steps to prevent their firefighters from exposure to carcinogens. What steps can you take to implement fire safety in your home?

Have the Appropriate Tools on Hand
Since the main cause of home fires is cooking, it is important that you have child safety measures in place on kitchen appliances and have a fully-functioning fire extinguisher in your kitchen. Make sure it is easy to access and that everyone in the house knows where it is and how to use it. Also be sure to have a smoke alarm in all the main rooms and landings in your home and test them regularly. Sixty percent of fire-related fatalities at home are due to faulty smoke alarms.

Have a Fire Escape Plan in Place
Leave your home as soon as you hear the fire alarm; you only have a maximum of three minutes to exit safely so it is critical that you know how to get out safely and quickly. Put together a fire escape plan from all areas of the home make sure each family member is aware of the escape routes. Make sure you carry out practice drills regularly, particularly if you have young children. This will help everyone keep a clear head in the event of a fire.

Keep All Bedroom Doors Closed
Keeping bedroom doors closed at night can help slow down the spread of a potential fire. Research shows that the amount of carbon monoxide in rooms with an open door are ten times higher than those where doors are closed.

Firefighters, first responders and city officials, share these invaluable safety reminders with your communities. 

A special thanks to Jocasta Ashley for providing us with these great home fire safety tips!

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