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New Year, New Gear – Win Big with Happy New Gear!

New Year, New Gear, New YOU! 

🏅It's a week of winning, and you're invited! Join our Happy New Gear Giveaway! This year, we’ve teamed up with our friends at Fire Dept. Coffee and Seek Thermal to spread some extra holiday cheer. Five lucky fire departments will have the chance to win a Happy New

Choosing the Best Structural Firefighting Gloves: A Guide to Safety and Performance

Structural firefighting gloves are a lifeline, offering vital protection in the midst of fiery hazards. NFPA 1971 certified structural gloves must shield against burns, abrasions, and hazardous substances, ensuring your safety during interior fire calls. Not all firefighting roles are identical,

Fire-Dex Marks Yet Another Season of Award-Winning Excellence

Fire-Dex, a leading provider of top-notch PPE solutions for firefighters and emergency responders, is basking in the glow of another award-filled season, where numerous accolades have cast a spotlight on the company’s success and its dedicated team of associates.

The Sleep-Heart Connection: Firefighters' Guide to a Healthier Life

In the world of firefighting, sleep is a valuable but often overlooked commodity. The demands of this noble profession often require working long shifts with irregular sleep patterns, leading to sleep deprivation. Firefighting is an incredibly stressful job and the physical toll a career in the


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