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Best-in-Class Breathability for Non-Fire Calls: Fire-Dex Kicks Off the New FDXL90 Boot

At last, emergency responders can get a foot up on comfort.

Fire-Dex, a leading innovator in personal protective gear for fire services, introduces the FDXL90 Boot offering best-in-class breathability and dual NFPA 1951 (Technical Rescue) and 1999 (EMS) certification.

Designed solely for non-fire emergencies that constitute over 90% of calls, the new boot considers the modern firefighter who knows how different each mission can be. Combining versatile protection, lightweight design and breakthrough breathability, the FDXL90 is set to redefine expectations in frontline footwear.

Protecting Against the Unpredictable

“Recognizing the challenging terrain emergency responders often navigate, and that 36% of injuries are due to strains, sprains or muscular aches per NFPA reporting, we tailored the FDXL90 to deliver exceptional performance with airflow and comfort in mind,” said Todd Herring, Fire-Dex’s Vice President of Product Innovation and Strategy.

The new boot delivers best-in-class breathability thanks to an Armor AP™ flexible fabric outer layer and GORE-TEX CROSSTECH® permeable moisture barrier. By integrating top-tier materials with Fire-Dex's expertise in design, the FDXL90 surpasses GORE's comprehensive breathability standards for boots by an impressive 175%, displaying its remarkable effectiveness in removing sweat vapor to ensure the wearer stays dry and comfortable.

To ensure that emergency responders remain agile, the boot features a Vibram® FIRE & ICE sole, which makes it 30% lighter than conventional structural firefighter boots while providing exceptional durability against wear and tear. The FDXL90 also retains key features that have made Fire-Dex's FDXL200 Structural Firefighting Boot a favorite among customers for years, such as its exceptional slip resistance and durability.

NFPA research shows that nine in 10 call scenarios are non-fire related—from EMS to technical rescue to civilian assist to natural disaster response—meaning emergency responders must be ready for anything at a moment’s notice. That’s why the FDXL90 also uses a unique lace-up design with a side zipper, ensuring rapid donning and doffing and a customizable, snug fit.

As Lieutenant Daniel Mills of Escambia County Fire in Florida reports, "These boots have performed very well in terms of grip, dexterity and function ... I give them a five-star rating and definitely recommend them to coworkers."

Helping Heroes Breath Easier

This broad leap in boot technology follows closely on the heels of the debut of AeroFlex™ turnouts from Fire-Dex—the coolest gear now available to firefighters based on industry-leading Resistance to Evaporative Heat Loss (Ret) and Total Heat Loss (THL) performance.

Fire-Dex continues to lead the way in protective ensembles for emergency services, leveraging decades of research and development to deliver products that meet the rigorous demands of the field. AeroFlex™ and the new FDXL90 boots are prime examples of Fire-Dex’s dedication to supercharging the breathability of garments to lower the risks of heat stress and help everyday heroes stay comfortable so they can concentrate on their vital tasks.


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