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Change The Way You Think About Your PPE With The Interceptor Package

Change The Statistic And Defend Yourself

Statistics have shown the risks firefighters face in their line of duty, especially as it relates to cancer and heat stress. Unfortunately, job-related exposure to carcinogens and other fire-ground toxins is a reality, but there are changes your department can implement to lessen contamination and the effects of long-term exposure with our affordable Interceptor Package

We collectively need to stop looking at fire gear as a product and begin to look at it as the solution! A solution to providing flame resistance and thermal protection while aiding in the reduction of heat stress and exposure to carcinogens.

We have an entire product development team dedicated to protecting you, head-to-toe, from occupational dangers such as fire-ground carcinogens and overexertion. By combining some of our newest, health-conscious innovations into an affordable package, we can help keep your department safe.

The Product Solution That Gives You More: The Interceptor Package

Our economic package bundles the following products: 

Custom Turnouts

Reduce stress and fatigue by wearing FXR turnouts which allow for full range of motion - especially when wearing your SCBA! 

Particulate Blocking Hoods

Try our particulate blocking hoods that reduce the absorption of carcinogens into the highly-permeable skin around your face and neck.

  1. Capt. Jim Fire Hood - extreme thermal protection (TPP) & ARC thermal performance values (ATPV) 
  2. H41 Interceptor with Nomex® Nano Flex - best situational awareness & breathability 
  3. H41 Interceptor with Stedair® Prevent - 99.9% filtration efficiency even after 100 washes  
Alternative PPE

Respond from the station in lightweight alternative PPE, decreasing the amount of time spent in potentially contaminated gear and ensuring you never have to wear previously contaminated gear.   

  1. TECGEN51 Fatigues - dual certified for 90% of your calls
  2. EMS Gear - when you need blood-born pathogen resistance 
  3. USAR Gear - breathable protection for technical rescues  

Get More By Bundling 

By bundling you will receive up to a 30% discount per firefighter, or when you purchase FXR turnouts with EMS or USAR gear receive a H41 hood for free! 



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