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Fire-Dex and Fire Dept. Coffee Renew and Expand Exclusive Partnership

We're excited to announce the renewal of our exclusive partnership with Fire Dept. Coffee, the beloved veteran-owned coffee brand founded and run by firefighters. This new agreement solidifies our position as the official head-to-toe protective gear sponsor of Fire Dept. Coffee for the next three years. 🎉

As part of the extended collaboration, the team at Fire Dept. Coffee will don Fire-Dex gear, including hot-selling TECGEN51 and TECGEN71 apparel, along with Fire-Dex helmets, gloves, hoods and boots, when filming entertaining videos for its popular channels, including the Fire Department Chronicles YouTube channel that is approaching 2 million subscribers.

“These top-of-the-line garments and accessories not only endorse safety but also promote the professional image of the Fire Dept. Coffee team as they share their passion for coffee and firefighting,” said Jenny Surovey, Vice President of Marketing for Fire-Dex. “We’re thrilled to continue to help the team pursue its mission of celebrating first responders while inviting fans to laugh at the lighter side of station life."

The spirited crew behind Fire Dept. Coffee, known for making an incredible selection of coffee roasts and for generating tens of millions of social media views with their cheerful approach to the industry, will also assist Fire-Dex in enhancing its safety message to departments that want to stay updated on the latest developments in PPE.

“We greatly value our relationship with Fire-Dex," said Luke Schneider, Founder of Fire Dept. Coffee. "Just as Fire-Dex equips firefighters with top-notch gear to protect and serve their communities, we aim to fuel their strength and resilience with the finest coffee. This partnership allows us to stand together in providing them with the support and resources they need to keep us all safe, and we're excited to brew up even more ways to show our gratitude going forward.”

Since its inception in 1983, Fire-Dex has consistently pioneered innovative and dependable gear, enhancing the safety and performance of those who courageously battle all types of hazardous challenges from fires to flood waters to being first-on-scene in a motor vehicle accident. In 2022, the company embraced the role of official gear sponsor to Fire Dept. Coffee, marking the beginning of a promising partnership. Over the past year, the two organizations have blended their strengths and resources to lift up the firefighting community through various initiatives including generous gear donations, insightful articles addressing mental health in the industry, as well as active participation in industry events.

Together, Fire-Dex and Fire Dept. Coffee hope to not only educate first responders but also spark essential conversations, foster unity and amplify the support network for those who serve and protect.

“As we look ahead to the next few years, we’re enthusiastic about strengthening our partnership and making an even greater impact," said Surovey. “From expanded product giveaways to showcasing their team in yet-to-be-revealed gear that will undoubtedly generate buzz within the industry, we are absolutely thrilled to unite our efforts.”

Watch Fire Dept. Coffee social feeds (YouTube, FacebookX,  TikTokInstagram) and Fire-Dex channels (Facebook, YouTube, TikTok, Instagram) for fresh content and opportunities to win gear as well as “pick-me-ups” for coffee drinkers in the line of duty.

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