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Fire-Dex Teams Up with Insight Fire Training, LLC


The approval of a fire instructor is one of the highest esteemed compliments you can achieve as a PPE manufacturer. Thanks to Battalion Chief Andy Starnes, founder of Insight Fire Training and his fellow crew members, we are beaming with pride!

Hear what they have to say about wearing FXR Custom Turnouts built with our very own TECGEN71 Outer Shell during live training.

"TPP is your life insurance, but you better know what it comes to a cost at", states Starnes as he describes the importance of choosing the right gear for the job. 

With the majority of occupational deaths being attributed to Cardiac Stress and Cancer, the purpose of firefighter PPE is evolving.

Firefighter protection is taking on a whole new meaning.

“Thermal protection has evolved over the years and the incidence of burn injuries have dropped,” says Todd Herring, Director of Marketing.  “However heat stress continues to lead the list of LODDs and fire ground injuries year after year.”  

As a long-time supporter of firefighter health and safety, Fire-Dex is devoted to delivering innovations to confront these concerns.

“We are focused like a laser on reducing heat stress and the physiological issues such as core temperature and heart rate that come with the job," says Herring.

TECGEN71 is one result of that focus. 

Launched in July of 2017, TECGEN71 proved to be the only outer shell on the market with enough thermal protection to be paired with the lightest weight thermal liner and moisture barriers in existence AND pass the NFPA's rigorous testing.

“With high remarks from Chiefs like Starnes, we know we are on the right path,” states Herring. “Continuous improvement is part of the culture at Fire-Dex and we will continue to forge the way to better solutions for firefighter health and safety.”

Together, we can make a culture change.

Battalion Chief Starnes has a similar dedication to firefighter health and wellness which he instill through hands-on education and simulation.

“There has never been a greater need for firefighters to be trained in understanding fire behavior, thermal severity, and how to interpret this data through tactical thermal imaging, better understanding of their PPE, and by continually educating themselves on the challenges of the modern fire environment that we face today,” Starnes states.

With courses ranging from Tactical Thermal Imaging and Enhanced Search Methodology to Burn and Learn live fire demonstrations, Insight Fire Training has educated firefighters on best practices in over 40 states and 5 countries. The organization has also secured collaborations with other well-known live training programs like Kill the Flashover and MaxFireBox to offer a well-rounded experience for firefighters.

Together, Fire-Dex and Insight Fire Training aim to be a go-to resource for firefighter wellness and safety as challenges continue to evolve within the industry.

For a full list of course offerings through Insight Fire Training, visit


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