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Fire-Dex Donates Vital Gear to Aid Vermont Flood Relief Efforts

In the wake of the recent devastating floods that have struck the state of Vermont, we are reaffirming our commitment to supporting communities in times of crisis by donating high-quality firefighting boots and specialized rescue gloves to emergency responders and volunteers on the ground.

“These flash floods have caused significant damage to homes, infrastructure and the livelihoods of many residents,” said Jeff Koledo, V.P. of Sales for Fire-Dex. “We understand the critical role of well-equipped firefighters and rescue personnel in disaster scenarios and hope to lend a helping hand through this donation.”

The donated gear includes 75 pairs of FDXR100 Structural Firefighting Rubber Boots, engineered to provide maximum protection against heat, water, and hazardous materials. Additionally, 75 pairs of Dex-Rescue Gloves, technical rescue gloves designed for superior grip and dexterity, will aid responders in ongoing cleanup operations, ensuring they can work efficiently and effectively in the challenging conditions left by the floods.

Fire equipment specialists Reynolds & Son will distribute the gear to local fire departments for immediate field assignment.

“These items will be a tremendous help to first responders on the ground because they are vital equipment in a flood situation,” said Todd Goulette, President of Reynolds & Son. “In the midst of floodwaters, protective boots and gloves become the unsung heroes of the relief effort by shielding wearers from unseen hazards, water, and potential contamination.”

Waterlogged gloves and boots can be a hinderance during flood disaster relief as there is little time to wait for gear to dry out. By helping to keep responders clean and dry, we hope to accelerate efforts to restore normalcy to the affected regions.

Including support for Hurricane Ian search and rescue teams in 2022, we remain dedicated to serving the firefighting and emergency response community not only through innovative gear but also through meaningful actions that support the greater good. This most recent donation represents just one aspect of our company’s ongoing commitment to the safety and preparedness of heroes nationwide, starting with the protective gear they wear each day.

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