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Firefighter Gear for Non-Fire Emergencies with Lee County Fire & EMS

The Right Gear For The Right Call

On those hot summer Georgia days, the Lee County firefighters understand that wearing lightweight, single-layer alternative ppe is crucial when responding to non-fire emergencies

Learn More About Alternative PPE

“So, the typical calls we wear our TECGEN51 on are, would be, car wrecks, grass fires, wildland fires, something that we just don't need a big, heavy, bulky jacket,” explains Brian Hopkins. “You want some dexterity; you want some movement. if you're getting inside of the cab of a car doing extrication you don't want your big jacket sticking several inches out away from you pulling on sharp objects and getting hung up. You want something that you can maneuver around in and have access to the patient.”

“Alternative PPE is definitely a good thing for us,” says Lieutenant Jonathan Sangster. “South Georgia is extremely hot down here, in the summer. So, you have more of a chance of having a heat injury in full structural gear than you would in alternative PPE that aren't so thick, but still gives you that same protection. That definitely helps give you longer times being able to work because there's times where you're in the middle of an extensive extrication, you may be, ‘Hey, I just need five more minutes’ so this alternative PPE will help give you that extra time that you might need to get the patient out.”

Make The Switch 

You can easily get new gear by bundling The Interceptor Package with TECGEN51 Fatigues to receive up to a 30% discount per firefighter! If you're looking for MORE alternative PPE options, we also carry EMS, USAR, and Wildland firefighting garments. 




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