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4 Things to Consider When Shopping for Fire Hoods

Fire hoods are an essential piece of a firefighter's PPE ensemble. The were originally built solely for heat and flame protection, but they have evolved to do much more. With so many options on the market, it's hard to be able to choose the best one. Which features are most important to you and your department? How does one hood differ from the other? Here we'll cover the 4 things to consider when shopping for fire hoods. 

1) Thermal Protection 

If your main concern is thermal protection, choose a fire hood with high TPP (thermal protective performance). TPP measures how well a fabric protects the wearer against second degree burns (in seconds) in a flash fire. Hoods with high TPP provide more thermal protection. 

2) Situational Awareness 

Situational awareness is crucial when fighting a fire. When you have continual observation of your environment, you're able to react and protect yourself quickly and efficiently. Fire hoods that boast good situational awareness protect you both from the flames and your environment. 

3) Filtration Efficiency 

Hoods with filtration technology are a great solution to reduce the risk of carcinogen exposure. These types of hoods are designed to block potentially carcinogenic submicron particles and other harmful contaminants from entering the highly-permeable skin around the face and neck. 

4) Air Permeability 

A hood with high air permeability allows wicking and air flow, which can increase breathability & comfort and makes it easier for your body to regulate temperature. 



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