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Fire-Dex and Fire Dept. Coffee Partnership

We are officially an exclusive gear partner for Fire Dept. Coffee! Protecting people is mission critical for our two companies. 

We are now the exclusive gear partner (including helmets, gloves, jackets, pants and hoods) for Fire Dept. Coffee, a pairing that brings industry-leading PPE together with freshly roasted gourmet coffee and entertaining, educational online content for firefighters.

Fire Dept. Coffee is run by active and retired firefighters who give back to first responders who have become sick or injured while on the job, or who are facing other serious health challenges. In the same charitable spirit, we are donating multiple sets of turnout gear to Fire Dept. Coffee and FDC Media, the growing social media content arm of Fire Dept. Coffee that provides a fun look at department and EMS life.

The playful and passionate FDC team—who generate tens of millions of social media views a year with their lighthearted approach to the industry—will help us elevate our safety message to departments that need to stay tuned to the latest developments and best practices in PPE.

Including turnout gear made with our exclusive TECGEN71 outer shell fabric, we're also donating dual-certified tech rescue and wildland gear, extrication gloves, and structural gloves, helmets and hoods to Fire Dept. Coffee.

“Finding a trusted partner for PPE solutions is essential for our team, both in our jobs as full-time first responders, and content creators at FDC Media,” said Jason Patton, VP of Fire Dept. Coffee who also spearheads the partnership as the star of hilarious videos that tap into the power of humor to lift the spirits of firefighters worldwide. “Fire-Dex parallels our ethos, and its PPE is specially designed with the health and safety of the first responder community in mind. The opportunity to work with them as an exclusive partner will allow us to further conversations about PPE and care, and to continue to promote the importance of firefighter safety.”

Highly Caffeinated
Founded in 2016 by firefighter/paramedic and U.S. Navy veteran Luke Schneider, Fire Dept. Coffee is a NaVOBA certified veteran-owned business that is dedicated to handcrafting great-tasting coffee and supporting first responders. The latest deal with us is inked through FDC Media which includes the popular Fire Department Chronicles YouTube channel.

Going forward, Jason and his team will wear Fire-Dex gear when filming Fire Dept. Coffee and FDC Media content (such as “Firefighter vs. Flamethrower!”). To round out the partnership, we'll be activating cross-promotional giveaway campaigns throughout the year on our social channels.

“When we first started discussions about this partnership, we instantly felt the strong alignment between our brands and the people behind them,” said Jenny Surovey, Vice President of Marketing for Fire-Dex. “We have similar missions that are focused on the health and safety of first responders and are passionate about providing education and resources to help support the fire industry. We couldn’t be prouder to welcome Fire Dept. Coffee into the Fire-Dex family.”

Coming Soon
Handcrafted Fire Dept. Coffee is a hot seller with first responders who appreciate a high-quality pot of joe and the jolt it provides. Helping crews stay ready to rescue is a mission that we also know well and are proud to support. Together, we hope to increase awareness for solutions that save lives.

Stay tuned to Fire Dept. Coffee social channels (Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, Instagram, YouTube) and Fire-Dex channels (Facebook, YouTube, TikTok, Instagram) for fresh content along with opportunities to win brand-new gear, swag bags and other “pick-me-ups” for coffee drinkers in the line of duty.

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