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Evolution of the Firefighter Helmet

The History of Firefighting Helmets

Helmets are an iconic component of the typical firefighter ensemble. The classic firefighter helmet design can be first seen in the early 1900s when helmets were created with only leather and metal. The purposeful design featuring a high dome to deflect falling objects, and a wide brim to protect from debris, became a beloved style that appealed to many firefighters. 

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Traditional firefighter helmets 

Throughout the 20th century, the firefighting helmet design continued to evolve when newer, more durable styles came on the scene. Sturdier materials such as aluminum, fiberglass, and a variety of plastics were used to increase protection. Although, many firefighters resisted the newer designs and remained loyal to the traditional leather helmet version. Manufacturers reacted quickly by releasing helmet styles with the traditional shape and decorative features (including an outer leather covering) but upgraded the materials and technologies used to make them. 

Newer helmets offer: 

  • Improved interior headliners  
  • Suspension systems 
  • Thermal Impact Caps 
What to Wear: Traditional or Modern

Whether you’re looking for a traditional or modern helmet design, we have you covered! Both firefighting helmets are built with a state-of-the-art fiberglass compression-molded shell to provide exceptional flame and heat resistance. 🔥


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Every component of our Traditional Helmets embodies a vintage aesthetic that has remained a fan favorite. Crafted with innovative materials and technologies, our Traditional Helmets create the perfect balance between comfort and protection. Available in a standard or deluxe model, each comes with a matte finish available in red, yellow, white, or black! 


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Incorporating a lightweight and sleek design are our Modern Helmets. The rounded and streamlined styling features a thermal impact cap insert while offering a comfortable fit for all SCBAs! Pick between our standard or deluxe models featuring a matte finish available in red, yellow, white, or black.



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