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2020 Charitable Giving in our Local Communities

This holiday season, we focused on supporting our local communities at each of our locations, including, our headquarters in Medina, Ohio, our second production facility in Pelham, Georgia and our Gear Wash locations in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and Hudson, Florida.

“Despite 2020 coming to an end, people are still facing challenges around the world. Yet, it’s amazing to see everyone come together to help others face unfortunate odds,” states Steve Allison. “We’re putting that spirit of collaboration to work by giving back to organizations in our local communities to help build a brighter future in 2021 and beyond.”

If you feel inspired, pass along the kindness and support these charities or an organization you truly care about. 🌟

Medina and Northeast Ohio

A charitable organization dedicated to supporting the families of safety officers who have lost their lives, or have become permanently disabled and incapacitated, in the line of duty.  

A support network looking to encourage mental health and wellness best practices among first responders by taking a holistic approach in and out of the firehouse. 

This organization provides essential services for children and families while providing a centralized location for family visitation appointments and anti-human trafficking events or educational training.

With a mission to educate and engage the local community in creating an environment where no one goes hungry, this organization delivers half a million pounds of food each year, which feeds 7% of the Medina County population. 

Due to the efforts of the Medina City Schools Food Service/Child Nutrition Department, free meals are available and distributed to all students during virtual lessons.

The nation's largest organization dedicated to giving students the skills and knowledge they need to be successful through volunteer taught programs in the classroom and after-school, throughout the United States. 

The biggest humanitarian network in the world with a mission to protect human life by delivering comfort and care to those in need. 

An organization that strives to meet the basic needs of men, women, and children by providing financial, social, and spiritual support. 

Hudson, Florida

A centralized location that provides free food, clothing, prayer, and healing ministry services to the community.


Milwaukee, Wisconsin

The Capuchin friars of the Province of Saint Joseph, attend to the spiritual and basic human needs of the disenfranchised by offering food, clothing, legal, health and social services. 


Pelham, Georgia

A food bank and help center that strives to break the cycle of poverty by offering programs, assessing individual needs, and providing healthy food that can improve the quality of life for those in need. 

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