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Select FXR Turnouts as Your Number One Choice for CAL Fire Approved PPE

A Fit That Conforms to You

Our FXR turnouts are the ONLY gear in the industry utilizing Active Posture Design (ADP) to achieve a fit that conforms to you! Engineered together with the world’s leading rock climbing and extreme sports clothing designers, FXR Turnouts allow you to move freely while achieving maximum flexibility and comfort - even while wearing your SCBA! In addition to our FXR Turnouts, CAL Fire also offers our H41 Interceptor Hood with Nomex Nano Flex and H41 Interceptor Hood with Stedair® Prevent ! 💪  

Explore the innovative features designed to achieve maximum comfort and flexibility:   


  • Seamless Collar 
    Comfortable and NFPA compliant neck protection and closure.  
  • OMNIDEX™ Shoulder 
    Eliminates coat rise and sleeve retraction by moving the shoulder seam to the natural bending point, allowing for optimal SCBA positioning.
  • DEXFLEX™ Knees and Elbows 
    Move freely and reduce resistance with naturally bent legs and sleeves.
  • Active Posture Pant Design 
    Get the right fit that provides natural, unrestricted movement 

CAL Fire Approved Composites

H41 Particulate Blocking Hoods


The H41 Interceptor Structural Firefighting Hood boasts excellent situational awareness while reducing your exposure to potentially harmful fire ground carcinogens.

  • Low thermal conductivity 
  • High filtration efficiency
  • High breathability 
  • Heightened situational awareness


Made with Stedair® PREVENT, the H41 Interceptor Hood is built for durability and blocks 99.9% of persistent fireground carcinogens, even after 100 washes.

  • High filtration efficiency
  • High air permeability 
  • Minimize heat retention
  • Mitigate exposure risk 


FXR Turnouts meet risk assessment and CAL Fire Spec for all units state-wide. Gear up in CAL Fire approved PPE by connecting with us today! 🔥  


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