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Camden Fire Department Strives to Reduce Carcinogen Exposure

Camden Fire Department has always been at the forefront of fire innovation since it originated in 1869. As one of the oldest fire departments in the United States, the department was the very first in the nation to own a fleet of fully motorized fire apparatus during a time when most large cities were still operating on horseback. 

With an important and challenging mission to “preserve and enhance the quality of life in the City of Camden through the effective prevention of fire and the efficient delivery of emergency services”, Chief Michael Harper finds it important to advocate for the welfare of his crew. So, when he learned of the growing concern for carcinogen exposure on the fireground, he knew he must act. To preserve his firefighters’ health and safety, he implemented a department program that provides two sets of turnout gear to each firefighter.

As one of our long-standing customers, Chief Harper was confident in our ability to continue defending his crew. Using grant funding, Camden Fire Department purchased 180 sets of FXR custom turnouts made with our TECGEN71 exclusive outer shell. In addition, the department purchased H41 Interceptor® Hoods with DuPont™ Nomex® Nano Flex and Dex-Pro Gloves. 

“The pants fit well, and they had a slight shape versus a straight leg pant. These have more of a curvature,” states Milike Winthers, Camden Firefighter. “The actions you take when moving through the fireground like crawling and climbing, it was designed more so to take on the posture of your body.” 


 Camden Fire Department Feedback on Fire-Dex PPE

Benefits of Having Two Sets of Turnout Gear 

Having a second set of gear minimizes your exposure to hazardous fireground carcinogens. Implementing a program of when to buy new turnout gear will allow everyone to have a primary and secondary set on rotation. This two-set approach is crucial towards the availability of more clean gear for crew members by keeping an extra set-in service as one-set becomes soiled.   

Why Lighter, More Flexible Gear Matters 

“It’s definitely a lot lighter and that takes a lot of stress off your body. You can maneuver a little better when you don’t have things weighing you down,” states Aaron Spencer, Camden Firefighter. “Oftentimes, we carry extra equipment in our pockets but if they are lighter because your gear is lighter...that stops all of the things that can come from having heavier gear.” 🏋️   

Entering and exiting a fire can oftentimes mean carrying heavy equipment, moving fallen debris, or crawling through tight spaces. This type of intense movement can lead to overexertion, making you more susceptible to heat stress which contributes to serious health conditions including:  

  1. Cardiac failure 
  2. Heatstroke, & 
  3. Cardiac fatigue 

That’s why we offer innovative health solutions like our TECGEN71 outer shell. Designed to lessen heat stress by reducing weight and increasing flexibility, TECGEN71 doesn’t sacrifice thermal protection or durability. It’s 20 percent lighter, 45 percent thinner, and 70 percent more flexible than typical combinations while boasting 50 percent higher total heat loss! Pair with our fully customizable FXR turnout gear to get the lightest, most breathable, and most flexible turnouts in the fire industry. 🙌 

We’re 100% committed to giving your crew the protection it deserves. Learn how to upgrade your gear below.  



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