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Alternatives to Firefighter Turnout Gear

Wearing The Right Gear For The Right Call  

Why should one set of turnouts be the only option for every emergency you respond to? 

It’s important to consider that structural firefighting PPE is designed specifically to protect you from the thermal hazards of interior structural firefighting. Donning structural gear on non-fire emergencies can cause unnecessary stress on the body while contributing to repeated exposure to contaminants. With many fire departments experiencing a high volume of non-fire calls, wearing an alternative garment can increase the lifespan of your turnout gear while reducing cross-contamination within the community and amongst your crew members.  

As the community you serve continues to change and develop, you need the right gear to meet the demands of your job. The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) reports that fire calls have dropped by a whopping 53% between 1980-2020. On the other hand, EMS calls spiked up 371%!

Below are two examples where structural firefighting PPE is not needed: 

  1. EMS Calls - Choosing to forgo your turnout gear when entering a patient’s home provides civilian protection against the spread of contaminants while reducing heat stress amongst your crew members. 
  2. Wildland Firefighting - The added weight of turnout gear along with the increased chances of heat related injuries, can become a hindrance when engaging in wildland firefighting. Instead, choose a lightweight, breathable garment that meets the demand of your job! 

Alternative PPE offers the right protection and versatility for the toughest non-fire calls while identifying you as an emergency worker when on scene. Use this garment on the following emergencies: 

Alternative PPE is also an option for non-interior firefighters or department engineers on structural firefighting calls. If there are crew members who don’t need to enter a fire, save money and tackle heat stress by putting them in this type of garment. 

Get MORE With Alternative PPE 

Our TECGEN51 Fatigues are the best choice for your department’s alternative PPE needs because after 11 years of quality performance in the field, they have been perfected to be used for the most versatile calls! 👏

Dual-certified to NFPA 1951 (technical rescue) and 1977 (wildland firefighting), our TECGEN51 Fatigues can reduce physical stress and fatigue by requiring less cardiovascular effort than structural firefighting gear. This garment also possesses high levels of thermal protection and incredible breathability, making it the perfect alternative garment. 

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TECGEN51 Fatigues Deluxe Model

You can upgrade your gear today by bundling The Interceptor Package with TECGEN51 Fatigues to receive up to a 30% discount per firefighter!  



Looking for more alternative PPE options? We also offer EMS, USAR, Wildland, and Wildland Tech Rescue firefighting garments.

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