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Coffee, Chronicles & Cool: Why Jason Patton Feels Most Comfortable in Fire-Dex Gear

Whether entering a burning building or entertaining millions online, this first responder knows flexible protection from head-to-toe.

As the creator of Fire Dept. Chronicles and vice president of Fire Dept. Coffee, Jason Patton has starred in hundreds of online videos where he uses comedy (and caffeine) to show the real (and ridiculous) aspects of life as a first responder. Jason’s lighthearted look at the fire industry has attracted millions of viewers to his YouTube channel and gives extra kick to his company’s extensive line of spirit-infused brews.

“I started making videos as an outlet for what I was enduring from my job,” says Jason who lives in Florida where he has worked as a firefighter for 15+ years. “It was a great outlet for me and my coworkers to de-stress and cope with what we see. Then I started getting messages from other firefighters saying that it helped them to laugh after bad calls.”

Fire Dept. Chronicles helps first responders get through the day by providing a shot of humor that goes down smooth because according to Jason, it’s both nonsensical and spot-on. To get through his video shoots meanwhile, Jason wears protective gear from Fire-Dex that provides both the comfort to be himself on camera and the strength to combat any situation.

“My experience with some past gear is that it felt ultra-hot, and when I got the chance to wear Fire-Dex, the fit was on point—it was light but effective,” says Jason.  “I’m kneeling, jumping, climbing—just doing everything in my videos—so the old gear was kind of stiff and would slow me down. Fire-Dex flexes with my body and it breathes, which is everything in an emergency or a few hours on set.”

Lifting spirits worldwide

Whether pitting fire hoses against flamethrowers, lifting a tower of crushed cars or playing a new round of shock collar trivia, Jason brings abundant energy and enthusiasm to the often overwhelming duty of the fire service. For this first responder and YouTube star, having gear that reflects his personality and passion is important.

“I can get on calls faster, I can be first on the nozzle—that’s the thing I care about, not being impeded in any way, that’s the peace of mind you get with Fire-Dex,” Jason says. “They are very proud of their gear and their roots go deep. It’s refreshing to meet people who are in this industry for the right reasons, and they make sure firefighters have the proper gear and the proper technology behind it. It also looks really cool if I’m being honest. Firefighters want to enjoy their gear too.”

Included in Jason’s wardrobe are Fire-Dex TECGEN51 Fatigues that are a single-layer garment designed to require less cardiovascular energy than traditional structural gear. This alternative PPE provides dual NFPA 1951 (technical rescue) and 1977 (wildland firefighting) certified protection to reduce heat stress and overexertion. For non-fire calls—or when demonstrating the difficulties of being a first responder to his audience—Jason likes having a daily ensemble that is the perfect fit for search and rescue, EMS response, and all types of non-fire incidents.

“You never know about that next call, right? A lot of times it’s not a structural fire you’re gearing up for. Why expose your turnouts to that wear and tear when you can still have protection but also better comfort and maneuverability, and that’s what you’re seeing with this category of alternative PPE from Fire-Dex. I don’t think enough departments know what a game-changer it is.”

Jason stresses how warding off heat and overexertion is critical in all kinds of situations.

“I’ve almost gone down twice from heat, and both times were vehicle extrications in Florida in the summertime—wearing TECGEN51 would have made those conditions more manageable, and I only wish I had known about the gear then.”

Ready for action

Jason is also a fan of the new Dex-Rescue Glove that is the industry’s first nonstructural glove certified to NFPA 1951.

“We keep our bodies cool, our heads safe, our feet protected—however gloves can get overlooked at times. These felt broken in right out of the box, and you know it’s in the name—Fire-Dex stands for ‘firefighter dexterity’ so the Dex-Rescue glove has all those qualities I look for.”

Jason pauses in concern …

“You know I'll probably lose them at some point,” he laughs. “In the fire service you can leave $100 lying on the table, and nobody will ever touch it, but super-cool gloves or something good in the refrigerator—yeah, someone's going to make off with that.”


Keeping Cool

Including structural turnouts, hoods and helmets, Jason and his production team at Fire Dept. Coffee/Fire Dept. Chronicles are outfitted in Fire-Dex garments when filming video segments for the entertainment of fellow first responders. This firsthand experience with the company’s extensive line of fully customizable bunker gear, alternative PPE and accessories has Jason clicking the “Like” button and posting more positive comments about his favorite firefighting apparel.

“Heat exhaustion is still the No. 1 thing that comes up in our profession,” he says. “It might be 5-10 minutes before you’re on scene, and if you’re already overheating it’s a big problem. What fire chiefs really care about are firefighters lasting longer and making sure they can do their jobs safely, so the risk management that comes with a garment that breathes better and gives you that extra protection, that’s where Fire-Dex shines.”

For Jason, falling through ceilings, singing CPR karaoke and exploding pumpkins are all in a day’s work between battling blazes, sipping coffee and saving lives. And with an assist from Fire-Dex, he’s sure to deliver even more sidesplitting moments in comfort and style.

“And do it safely,” he adds. “I need all the help I can get.”

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