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Marion Fire Department (OH) Speaks Out About Their TECGEN71 Experience

Selecting the right turnout gear is one of the most important decisions your fire department can make. As a firefighter, you want to feel safe and secure each time you wear your gear. At the Marion City Fire Department, they understand that a high-level of outer protection is important when working in unpredictable environments. That’s why choosing our TECGEN71 Outer Shell was a simple choice. 

 “After seeing TECGEN71 it was an easy choice; actually having it in my hand, seeing how much lighter the material is, seeing the numbers as far as thermal protection and heat loss, it was better than anything on the market,” - Lieutenant Marc Dix   

Given the difficulty of work, there is a growing concern of heat stress being linked to cardiovascular failure. With a focus on reducing this risk, TECGEN71 is the only outer shell built with enough thermal protection and breathability to pair with the lightest thermal liners and moisture barriers on today’s market and pass the NFPA 1971 certification. Composite systems with TECGEN71 provide the perfect balance of comfort, flexibility, TPP, and THL- all with an overall reduction of weight.

Right off the bat, the first thing we noticed was the lighter weight. We are ecstatic that we made the switch to TECGEN71,” - Captain Wade Ralph  

When making your turnout gear selection, don’t take the decision lightly. Consider all your options, educate yourself on each element of a composite system, and do the research to find the protection that’ll keep your crew feeling safe and secure each time they enter a fire. We’re confident you will find that TECGEN71 checks all the boxes.

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