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AeroFlex™ - The Peak of Technical Brilliance

In the line of duty, your biggest danger is heat stress. As your core temperature rises, you lose the ability to concentrate, make sound decisions, and think critically. Today, heat stress contributes to over half of reported line of duty deaths. When physical exertion leads to the accumulation of heat and sweat, your body naturally cools down by allowing sweat to evaporate.

At Fire-Dex, we've discovered that traditional gear fails to cool you down where you need it the most. Without an escape route for the sweat vapor, it stays trapped against your body. That’s why we developed AeroFlex™, a new era of turnout gear that incorporates innovative material science and design features that supercharge the overall breathability of the garment. 

AeroFlex™: The Peak of Technical Brilliance

We use a breathable, 3-layer composite system that targets the areas of your body where heat becomes most encapsulated. These VaporLite™ Panels allow sweat to evaporate more efficiently than any garment available to the fire service today. 

The first of its kind, our AeroVent™ Technology utilizes a patented one-way street ventilation design that operates in conjunction with the pressure differential between the outer environment and the microclimate inside your gear, allowing sweat vapor to escape outside without letting heat or carcinogens in. Simply said, it enables you to better regulate your core body temperature, reducing the risk of heat stress and other cardiac-related issues. 

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VaporLite™ Panels (left) and AeroVent™ Technology (right)

With AeroFlex™, your body stays cool and comfortable without compromising the protection you need. 


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