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A New Era: Cutting-Edge AeroFlex™ Turnout Gear From Fire-Dex Cools the Core of Any Composite

AeroFlex™ Combines Next-Gen Material Science and Design

Fire-Dex, dedicated to safeguarding everyday heroes since 1983, is thrilled to announce a new era in advanced turnout gear with AeroFlex™a groundbreaking leap in firefighter comfort and safety designed to decrease the risk of heat stress and cardiac-related issues, the two primary contributors to line-of-duty fatalities within the fire service.

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The Peak of Technical Brilliance

At the heart of AeroFlex™ is Fire-Dex’s AeroVent™ Technology, an ingenious one-way street ventilation design. AeroVent™ Technology enables firefighters to better regulate their core body temperature, thereby reducing the risk of heat stress and other cardiac-related incidents. The vents operate in conjunction with the pressure differential between the outer environment and the microclimate inside a firefighter’s gear, allowing sweat vapor to escape without letting moisture, heat or carcinogens in.

By promoting airflow through dynamic movement, AeroVent™ Technology generates a constant cooling sensation. As the wearer becomes more active, increased air circulation within the garment results in a heightened cooling experience.

“The industry has attempted vented thermal liners or outer shells, but achieving successful moisture barrier ventilation at the same time has been a major challenge,” said Todd Herring, Fire-Dex’s Vice President of Product Innovation and Strategy. “The problem lies in creating a system that allows air to flow out for cooling while maintaining the gear's protective integrity.

“With AeroFlex™, we create a microscale zone within the gear that consistently maintains a pressure differential equal or higher to the outside environment, so it can breathe while preventing moisture, liquids and heat from penetrating. Venting through all layers of the thermal liner and moisture barrier is the key to performance and something that hasn’t been achieved until now.”

Cools the Core

VaporLite™ Panels, a breathable, three-layer composite system, target the areas of the body where heat becomes most encapsulated—the armpits, side seams, inner thighs and behind the knees—allowing sweat to evaporate more efficiently than any garment available to the fire service today.

AeroVent™ Technology lies within the VaporLite™ Panels, facilitating airflow and promoting optimal cooling where it matters most. Together, these patent-pending technologies from Fire-Dex achieve industry-leading Resistance to Evaporative Heat Loss (Ret) and Total Heat Loss (THL) performance.

“I am amazed at how cool it felt,” said Chief Chad Christenson of the L.A. County Fire Department following a long-term AeroFlex™ wear trial. “I tried on several occasions to saturate myself with as much convective and radiant heat as possible, then when I moved around, I actually started to cool off. This has never happened in any other set of gear I have worn. The technology is amazing.”

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VaporLite Panels (left) and AeroVent Technology (right)

The Choice is Theirs

VaporLite™ Panel composites are built exclusively with a TECGEN71® outer shell, a CoreCXP™ 1-layer thermal liner and a choice of CROSSTECH® Black or STEDAIR® 4000 moisture barrier.

TECGEN71® is the only outer shell that can be paired with this single-layer thermal liner thanks to its exceptional breathability and thermal protection. Purchasers can choose any materials for the rest of their garment and allow these panels to cool the core of any composite.

Certified to NFPA 1971, AeroFlexturnout gear from Fire-Dex incorporates many additional features to protect wearers and elevate their performance, including:

  • Particulate-Blocking Technology

Particulate-blocking technology in the vents acts as a barrier against potentially harmful carcinogens from entering the garment.

  • Functionally Designed Jacket

Increased mobility is integrated along the shoulders and side seams to minimize restrictions in forward movement—a design that aligns with the body’s natural hinge points for optimal flexibility and minimal coat rise.

  • 3D Knee Flex Panels

3D Flex Panels in the knee allow for free range of motion with hinge points that are incorporated into knee padding to ensure optimal mobility and comfort.

AeroFlex is more than gear; it is a transformative advancement, setting a new benchmark in the evolution of firefighting equipment for safety, mobility and comfort. This state-of-the-art ensemble not only symbolizes next-gen technology but also underscores the company's commitment to ensuring that everyday heroes can confront challenges with resilience and, most importantly, return home safely.

“The difference was felt while active,” said Bradley Smith of the Long Beach Fire Department. “While moving, there was a noticeable difference among the participants who all described the gear as cooler. This is the first garment I have tested that addresses the overheating of the firefighters by reducing heat stress.”

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