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Fire-Dex Is First to Offer a Non-Fluorinated Moisture Barrier Option for Turnout Gear

No matter the choice, Fire-Dex provides firefighters with the most breathable composites on the market.

In a groundbreaking development for the fire service, Fire-Dex has become the first PPE manufacturer to offer a non-fluorinated moisture barrier option for turnout gear. The new barrier, Stedair® Clear™ from Stedfast, is the first non-fluorinated moisture barrier available to the fire service and Fire-Dex now offers it in their portfolio.

Stedair® Clear™ is the newest breakthrough in barrier technology to meet and surpass NFPA 1971 test requirements. It is constructed of a Nomex woven pajama check laminated to a non-fluorinated barrier with a highly engineered polymer coating designed for performance and durability.

Todd Herring, Vice President of Product Innovation and Strategy at Fire-Dex, emphasized, "By introducing this non-fluorinated option, firefighters can now make the choice that is right for their department. If they choose to move forward with a non-fluorinated moisture barrier, Fire-Dex can offer the most breathable composite options due to our innovative material science.”

Most Breathable Composites

Selecting a non-fluorinated moisture barrier impacts overall breathability. UL test data shows Fire-Dex composites can achieve 300+ THL (Total Heat Loss), the highest available on the market by over 50 points. This is due to their exclusive TECGEN71® outer shell, designed to lessen heat stress by improving THL, reducing weight, and increasing the flexibility of three-layer composites.

Firefighters can also help offset the loss of breathability from a non-fluorinated moisture barrier by choosing Fire-Dex's newly released innovative turnout gear. AeroFlex™ features AeroVent™ Technology and VaporLite™ Panels that support core body temperature regulation and encourage airflow.

AeroVent™ Technology is a patent-pending one-way street ventilation design that allows sweat vapor to escape outside without letting heat or carcinogens in, enabling firefighters to better regulate their core body temperature.

VaporLite™ Panels are built exclusively with Fire-Dex's TECGEN71® outer shell, a CoreCXP™ 1-layer thermal liner, and a choice of moisture barrier, allowing heat to be released where it becomes most encapsulated. “If you choose a different combination for the rest of the garment with a lower THL, these panels still produce higher breathability and cool the core of your composite,” said Herring.

Providing Options

Fire-Dex is committed to bringing new options to the market to provide fire departments the choice in configuring the best turnout composites that fit their unique needs. As the company pushes the boundaries in researching cutting-edge materials and technologies, they will continue to work to broaden its range of options to fit the needs of fire departments across the globe.

Discover how Fire-Dex has changed the game again at the link below.


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